The session given by Anupama Ma'am about pre-marital counseling and marriage counseling was great. All the points that she covered in her presentation were very much related to the Indian society and thus we agreed with everything that she shared. It was an overwhelming experience and defiantly a thought provoking one.I am going to create an understanding and peaceful relationship with my relatives and friends. Thank you so much for coming Anupama Ma'am.

Deepanshi Kacharia

Yes I found awareness program useful and the points discussed during the session were very thought provoking.I will create a happiest relationship with my future partner.

Rinki Mittal

Yes, I found this workshop very useful. Thank you so much.I will create trust & unbreakable relationship with my future partner.

Nitika Chawla

Thought provoking , awareness , right ....sessions......

Motilal Bajwan