Married, unmarried youngsters, those who are engaged, those looking for the match, youngsters with any confusion in their mind regarding marriage,  those who wants to marry but fearful and indecisive about the choice of partner can join these workshops.

Parents, relative and friends also can join these workshops which will only strengthen present and future relationships.

Nobody can predict the future of marriage and there is always an uncertainty about what happiness, unhappiness and bitterness is in store for young married couples. We can increase the chances of a healthy marriage by making some assessments, calculations and structured plansbeforehand. Everyone wishes to be happy, also parents, well-wishers bless young couples to always remain happy. Pre wedding preparation course purpose is to learn how maximum happiness can be achieved by learning how to manage different challenges faced in marriages.

Marriage is not two individual affairs, it involves all family members.  I feel it is challenge for parents also to adjust one new member in their family and change their life style to suit the requirements of new member in order to make close and happy family.

When people are able to foresee future problems they will be better mentally prepared to deal all those challenges in their own marriage .Pre-marriage counselling is a big help in resolving the issues in advance.It is well said that by not preparing we prepare for failure, We prepare for months in advance to celebrate wedding day but wedding starts from next day for which we only have dreams and real, unreal expectations , if they are not met one feel frustrated and starts drawing him/her out of marriage.

Be a princess or prince in your dreams; expect blissful happiness but work to make it true. Prepare yourself to receive and give, meet your expectations and fulfill your spouse’s expectations as well. Join workshop and see what difference it can make to you.

Yes, everyone wishes to know everything about the future spouse, this preparation course is providing you a concrete platform where you will get to know about your spouse’s  weakness and strengths.. Pre-marriage counselling helps in learning the way to know the other to great extent.

The need for such an enterprise is felt against the backdrop of increasing failed marriages, rising cases of divorces and separation, suicidal tendencies.

The young need to be prepared to plan for various issues. A few of these issues they need to plan with their partners include: where they want to live; how much money they plan to make; how they will budget; how much time they will spend with their extended families; when do they want children; who will stay at home to take care of the children; how will they make room in the relationship for their individual ambitions; plan for holidays etc.

A happy marriage has a lot of positive energy and brings out the best in each other.Each person is unique and all marriages are different.Happy, ideal marriage is when both understands and fulfill each other’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs and have care and concern and complements each other,  Which definitely requires lot of efforts from both sides.Loving couples  treat their partners with respect and dignity and avoid criticism, a sense of superiority, sarcasm, contempt for the other.

“We believe that every couple wants their marriage to last a lifetime or they wouldn’t waste time and money in getting married”