Are you parents of young Boys/Girls ?

Join us if you are worried about the future of child.

As parents of young adults it is obvious in our country to be concerned about the future of children. First, it is their career and next major issue is their marriage.  Parents are worried about finding the good match and then if they will live happily ever after. Parents just know that it is their responsibility to get their ward married at a specific age, without knowing their responsibility to prepare themselves and their sons and daughters towards the meaning and purpose of marriage.

In our society, husband and wife are so dependent on each other that their happiness depends on spouse’s wellbeing. Society is changing fast and our youngster’s thinking process also changing accordingly. But parents of young adults are more attached to Indian customs and culture and want their young ones to follow them. They are more attracted towards foreign culture. Divorce which was taboo in our society has become almost common word. Parents are anxious obviously. Modern upbringing, modern lifestyle, personal desires and immaturity in handling relationships causing heartburn and resulting in broken relationships.

How to make marriages successful is a constant worry for any parent. In my point of view youngsters are mature and understand the values of our society. Only need to be told to take care of sensitive issues and manage relationships with maturity.

Most controversial part is that Indian wedding industry (Businesses related to the wedding day – like banquets, clothing, jewellery, honeymoon travel etc) has grown above Rs 75 lac crores of annual business. All because parents invest their lifetime savings for the wedding day. And their responsibility ends after the Doli. No parent invests on the marriage which starts after the wedding day.

We need to prepare them mentally and physically for the lifetime relationship they are entering into. We need to prepare them from the challenges they are going to face beforehand. Pre Wedding Preparation Course is solution to this problem which society is facing. This course not only prepares young adults but also their parents and immediate relatives. As in our society marriage is not husband wife affair, their happiness lies in their families as well. We are committed to change the present state of marriage in India.

MarriagelaneAre you parents of young Boys/Girls ?