About Us

Our Mission

We have only one mission to see all couples Happily Married. To create healthy and happier society. To save our Indian culture. To make Pre-wedding counselling available to all in the next two years.We have created a platform to create hapiness in marital relationships by addressing all concerns, issues, challenges, expectations and desires in a free amd open space. The space is not only for the boy and girl tying the knot, it also encompasses the families of the bride and groom.

Her Personal Experience

“I had an arranged marriage, and I had my adjustment period with my husband. Which was not very smooth, and yes divorce crossed my mind several times. We both had different habits, likings, interests and moreover different perspectives. It seemed East meeting West !!! Though along the years our commitment and responsibility helped us to transform our relationship to an enriching, powerful and successful marriage. What I realized is that the society is changing at a fast speed, and we need to redefine marriage in a broader sense.”

Her Motivation

Reshaping the way the society thinks about marriage.To plan for a beautiful, meaningful celebration lasting a lifetime. Supporting couples in fulfilling  human need for INTIMACY , LOVE, JOY and even FUN in Marriage.

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