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6 Important Ingredients of A Perfectly Happy Marriage

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The foundation of marriage only stands on two facts- ‘the couple is interested in maintaining the charm of marriage’ and ‘they are not willing to give up on each other’.

We are sharing 6 important ingredients of a happy marriage. They are as follows-

  1. Enjoy differences

Couples should actually respect each other’s choices, beliefs and perspective towards life. It brings in loads of harmony like if you always prefer to wear whites everywhere, but your partner’s choice of new pastel pink shirt can bring change in monotonous routine.)

  1. Always stay supportive-

Even if your partner doesn’t ask for your support, they still wish you supported them in all walks of life. When your wife cannot make perfect chappatis, then instead of mocking or making comparison, appreciating her efforts would go long way. Find your own ways to be supportive yet corrective in positive manner.

  1. Roles and responsibilities and Gate keeping

Couples need to alter orthodox belief which suggests a lady should mainly do all the household stuff and a man is only designed to earn for the family. Time has changed and partners should act like a team in handling roles and responsibilities of marriage. Man can extend his support to maintain house and woman can earn extra income to support needs.

  1. Owning the marriage

Once married couple has their own family unit, differences are bound to come from both side of families. Husband and wife should take responsibility to convey the message to their respective families in case of any disagreement or hurt by making them understand that now they will seek their guidance at the time of need.

  1. Be interactive and take complete responsibility of your behavior or action instead of blaming on each other

It is better to talk early about any important issue. Expressing the problems in honest and positive manner can alter many issues. If a couple keep on piling up the issues then evidently it may later on trouble your bonding. A husband and wife both need to accept their own mistakes/behavior/actions. In the cases of negligence, aggressive behavior, undone works, unpaid bills/policies, careless attitude towards health and many other important issues, a couple needs to be honest in addressing the problem and together find out the solution.

  1. Keep the spark alive

Being married doesn’t mean you need to adjust your special times. Keep on dating and let the spark be alive for the whole lifetime. Surprise your partner by unexpected flirting or book surprise tickets for your partner’s favorite show, plan up a get together with special friends, taking them out for a dinner or making it extra special at home with a dim light set

Marriagelane6 Important Ingredients of A Perfectly Happy Marriage

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