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Marriage Counselor- A Glue To The Relationships

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Present age youth wants to avoid marriage. They either postpone or alter the discussion regarding the same. And at last 90 % of them welcome marriage with open arms.

Before getting married any individual should discuss all the pros and cons associated with married life. And Marriage Doctor can provide a pre-wedding counseling session(s) to already engaged couple where they can frankly discuss and get guidance from the experts to deeper knowledge towards marriage.

Practically all the couples have to face many issues in their married life. These issues usually create tensions and disharmony in their marriage. So, after getting engaged any couple should know and understand the joy and issues related to married life. Some of the issues are discussed below-

1) Family Pressure- People get pressurized by the family to get married and they have to accept the proposal for their family’s sake. But deep inside they are disinterested and unwilling for the same. So, a marriage counselor can help them accept the same with positive attitude.

2) Divorce Prevention- One of the most important reason to seek pre-wedding counseling is to prevent divorce. 30% of the people who takes counseling before marriage are less likely to fall for divorce than the couple who don’t.

3) Review Finances- Counseling helps a couple to create a budget for the future and advise them to know the real financial condition of each other.

4) Priorities of life- Individuals have different priorities. And marriage doctor advise them to know and understand the priorities of their would-be spouse. Thus, the couple gets to know actual priorities which actually alter many issues.

5) Knowing responsibilities- Most of the people lives in their dreamy world and considers marriage as a fairytale. Marriage counselor helps them realize the reality of life by making them aware of their actual responsibilities.

In this world of detached and selfish lifestyles, an expert marriage counselor acts as a glue to bind relationships.

‘Marriage counselor is not just a counselor. They are actually savior of marriage.’

MarriagelaneMarriage Counselor- A Glue To The Relationships
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