Helping & Sorting out Marital Problems

Marriage was a ‘forever’ commitment. Today, however, it’s a completely different story with some marriages being as short lived as just a few days or months. Divorce is no longer an alien or feared word among couples. In fact, with the current escalating divorce rate, marriage and relationship counselors are a busy lot, some often working overtime. 

Some people believe the marriage relationship is too private to share with others. They feel it isn’t proper to share their marital issues with anyone outside the marriage or to participate in an educational setting where others might see that they need help. Couples with this attitude deprive themselves of the many resources available to improve marital happiness.

Unbiased advice by counselor:

Most of us find solace in our parents, relatives and even friends especially when our marriages are going through a rocky phase. But sometimes  loved ones tend to be biased when it comes to offering solutions? Undoubtedly, they are the people who have understood you more than anyone else. But is it fair to be partial here? A marriage counselor on the other hand will give you unbiased advice without judging either of partner. When a couple fights, most often, their egos take centrestage. But it is imperative to note that shortcomings are inevitable and therefore blame games don’t work anyway. Thus, therapy comes to the rescue making the couple feel responsible for their actions. If the couple believes a certain action has caused a conflict between the two of them, counselling can somehow resolve the issue.

Marriage counselling helps to save marriages from conflicts.
  • It lowers down the increasing Rate of Divorce
  • It makes the society happier than before
  • It creates love between different relations
Helping & Sorting out Marital Problems