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Is Divorce Really A Solution For Unhappy Marriages?


Being married not at all means you will only experience the positivity and the blissful part of your companionship. History is the witness that couples always face hardships and troubles in the marital life.

Like any other relationship, marriage related relationships also have many ups and downs. In practical terms, the relationship between married couple encounters many problems. The problems could be due to lack of miscommunication, disorganization, preconceived notion, high expectations, abuse, addiction, infidelity or interference of friends and families. Each problem can be tactfully handled with wisdom, communication and honest self-examination.

Due to common persistent problems in the relationships, couples evidently experience disagreement and disharmony. They even try hard to resolve the issues in many ways. But when the advices and guidance of family and friends seems futile in bringing harmony, the couple usually gives up and stops trying anymore. In return they fall victim of disconnection and opt for easy solution. They consult advocates and illustrate every small detail of their relationship which leads toward getting a divorce. But, instead of taking negative step, couples should keep on working hard on their marital adjustment. They should consult relationship counselors who can guide them to think positively and strategically to understand the actual issues behind their disharmony.

Relationship counselors are unbiased and they suggest the couples to rectify their lifestyles by either applying individual effort or even working as a team. The rectification method brings in much needed harmony and usually results in saving their marriage.

Working hard on relationships is better solution because divorce invites more problems and it aids in supplementing stressful experiences which results in emotionally insecurities. After divorce, the whole household gets disturbed by adversely affecting finances, living arrangements and other important areas of lifestyles. If the couple has children, it adds to more sufferings and emotional loss.

Considering the fact, that marital relationships need extra care and effort, couples should work hard to make the marital bond stronger. That’s why they say ‘marriages are made in heaven but settled here

MarriagelaneIs Divorce Really A Solution For Unhappy Marriages?


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