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Divorce Rate in India Increasing


Divorce Rate in India Increasing

This is an unusual trend in a country where the divorce rate was just 1 in 1,000 ten years ago, and is still a relatively low 13 per 1,000 – as compared to the US average of 500 per 1,000. While India has no central or even state-wise registry of divorce data, family court officials say the number of divorce applications has doubled and even tripled in cities such as Mumbai, Delhi,  Bengaluru and Lucknow over the past few years.

Reasons are:

The waning influence of the family and joint family; the growing psychological and financial independence of women; late marriages resulting in a greater reluctance to compromise or change set ways and lifestyles.

Here are some facts about the increasing divorce rate in India:

1,667 cases of divorce were filed in Mumbai in 2014(till November 30, up from 5245 cases in 2010

8347 Divorce cases were filed in Kolkata in 2014(till November 30), a 350% increase from the 2,388 divorce cases in 2003

About 2000 Divorce Cases were filed in the Lucknow family court in 2014. Of these about 900 were filed by young couples married less than a year. In 2009, the number of the cases filed by young couples married less than a year was 300.

3 more family courts were opened in Bengaluru in 2013, to cater to demand to the total number increasing to six. There are 8,600 cases pending in the courts and 500 new cases are added every year.

MarriagelaneDivorce Rate in India Increasing

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    […] India still having a relatively low divorce rates, currently standing at 13 per 1000 marriages, particular cities –  Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru and Lucknow – have seen divorce […]

    Marriagelane - April 2, 2019 reply

    You are right but considering the fact that 1% of 1.32 billion is quite high. Also, Rural population is still not infected with Divorce as metropolitan cities are. In some cities data reporting 100 to 360% increase in divorce rate. Thanks for your comment.

  • Investigations Toronto - January 10, 2019 reply

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    Marriagelane - April 2, 2019 reply

    Thanks a Lot for your encouraging words. Happy to know that you found something useful in our site.

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